Selling Haikyuu Takara Tomy Keychains

I accidentally bought King Kageyama twice, having bought a box from AmiAmi thinking it won't contain King Kageyama (so I got one when I visited Tokyo, at Ikebukuro's K-BOOKS Chara-kan) only to realise the box from AmiAmi contains King Kageyama after the post arrived in Singapore.

So I'm selling my second King Kageyama's keychain, as well as others.

The prices are as such:
- King Kageyama: USD 10 (I didn't make exorbitant profits. You can see that I bought it for JPY 1,080)
- Daichi, Asahi, Coach Ukai, Kiyoko-san: USD 5 / each, USD 12 for three, and USD 15 if you buy all four

Not including shipping and paypal fees (payment by paypal only, btw).

I'm shipping from Singapore ( I think the rate will be cheap if you don't want the box (top left), since I will just slip the keychains into a padded envelope. If you want the box I need to get a bigger cardboard and some stuffing.

Please let me know if you wanna buy :)!

Should I buy?
Yukio you destroyer of innocence...Collapse )

[My Translation] Ao no Exorcist - Do Not Disturb
It's been a long time since I translated any doujins!

Here is something I just finished today:
Fandom: Ao no Exorcist
Pairing: Rin/Yukio [YES, in that order. My OTP!]
Circle: Spring Snow + Chocolate Macaron
Summary: Yukio flipped when Rin tried to move into a separate room. Rin responded with a silly challenge, and smexy times ensued.

Please leave a comment if you nab :). And if you can consult me on my translation issue, please advise!


What is 'real'?

Written on 5th July 2014:

I ought to be studying for JLPT N3 tomorrow. But you know what they say about procrastination. And that I'd tried five mock exams - sometimes having studied and most of the time without - and always, always get similar results, so I feel a little defeated. (No worries, I passed every single time. Considering the passing mark is 50%, that is no mean feat btw.)

Anyways, on to the fruits of my procrastination. After re-watching Inception for the 3rd time (because: 1. Briliant plot, 2. Di Caprio at a role he does best - ambitious man buried deep in his obsession, 3. Gordon-Levitt in suit fighting in zero gravity, 4. Srsly do I need to state more reasons because I think they may make me look like an airhead) and reading a cliched, brainless love story between a slave falling in love with his master (and suffering from serious Stockholm syndrome) while waiting for melatonins to take effect, the insipid issues the characters in the story were dealing with ('of course, he has to love me, he's my slave') made me think.

About what we humans consider 'real'.

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[APH] A Garden of Decaying Flowers [2.15.1/7]
A/N: Late update is LATE. Like, two years late. I’m so sorry. I haven’t exactly ‘moved on’ to another fandom…but I went through a huge change in my life…I started working on a job I’m not so good at (yet), and y’know after univ graduation a lot of friends move on (some moved away to different countries even). I have been so lonely (I haven’t been having any regular contact with a close, genuine friend for almost a year) I entered into a relationship with an incompatible guy. Loneliness is…so depressing. And my job is very time-consuming. I’m in a vulnerable, confused state now. I don’t know who I am, what I want out of life, how much suffering I can withstand, etc. Consequently, I hadn’t been writing anything since Sept 2013. Last Monday I started again.

Chapter 2.15.1: Your Enemies are Inside

“Do you seriously feel that having a baby is something to be happy about, in this political climate?”Collapse )

1. Chinese Yam/nagaimo/huai shan: http://en.wikipedia. org/ wiki/Chinese_yam. I got the idea from a website recommending Chinese soups for the pregnant. http://www.thechinesesouplady .com/ pregnancy-soups/,
http://www.thechinesesouplady .com/ chicken-herbal-soup/

Between the commemoration of Francis’ death and Alfred’s Coronation, only a three weeks had passed. And between the time Matthew discovered about Arthur providing ‘services’ to the nobles to the commemoration of Francis’ death, at most only a month had passed (Alfred spent a week at Yao’s. It took nine days to travel back and fro). I read that most pregnancy only start showing in second trimester. Around the same time, Arthur’s lifestyle changed from that of a slave to that of a kept mistress (aka started becoming more well-fed), so it’s possible he considered the expansion of his waist a result of a better diet. Nobody knows how old the pregnancy was at this point in time. :/

It's been a year!?
I can't believe it's been a year since I posted anything here!

Since I graduated from college, and retired from youth leadership activities, I finally have (slightly) more time to spend on anime and manga. And there have been quite a few good ones recently: Psycho-Pass, Shin Sekai Yori, and Shingeki no Kyojin.

Anyways, before I start talking about any of them, for those of you who visit my journal from time to time, I'm sorry. I hadn't stopped writing Slash/Boy's Love/Yaoi/Homoerotica/Whatever You Call It (once a fujoushi, always a fujoushi?)... I just have been uploading my stories to AO3 instead (the internet is's sad to see the masses move away from LJ to AO3 and tumblr, but the world changes all the time). Here are the stories I had written in the past one year:

Avengers [Bruce/Tony]
1. We Accept the Love We Think We Deserve
[WIP] The first time Tony met Bruce, the Omega was heavy with someone else's pup. Bruce in a consensual breeding programme.

2. The Man to Whom I Belong
[WIP] When Bruce's contract was bought by Lord Stark, the slave had never thought that he would be happy with his circumstances. Imperial AU.

BBC Sherlock [Mystrade, Johnlock]
1. Worth Every Pain
[WIP] Omega Mycroft was prepared to age alone. That is his price for freedom. Or so he thought.

2. Sherlyn Holmes - a Tale of Edwardian era
[WIP] Genderbent Sherlock, Mycroft and Q in Downton-Abby setting. Fun?

Natsume Yuujinchou [Natori/Natsume]
1. Divine Intervention
[WIP] It all started from Natsume's decision to save Natori's life.

Skyfall [BondQ]
1. Ghost in the Machine and its sequel the Spaces Between
[Completed] Q is a persocom. Enuff said.

2. What You See I See
[WIP] To Bond, swapping soul bond inscription feels just like swapping contact lenses.

Suits [Harvey/Mike]
1. Written
[WIP] Harvey and Mike in an arranged marriage. The former was mean and the latter tried to guilt his husband with puppy eyes.

As a bonus, here you will get to read...

Sneak peak of Divine Intervention, Part 2:
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On insecurities. And Skyfall's (2012) fandom.
This post has me wallowing in self-pity. Don't read if you don't want to.

But first off let me begin with how I love Skyfall's (2012) fandom.

There are some very, very talented writers there (wells, I'm going to list down just a few of rec. Just a few. Totally not exahustive at all):

1. skylights with her/his the hand beneath your head series (Or, what happens in New Orleans, on the way there and after. A hurt/comfort series). Q/Bond kidnapped and tortured before being rescued is a staple in Skyfall fandom because, obviously, espionage. This series has the approach I like best so far. Has a way with words, realistic, angsty yet still warm and fuzzy. (I love don't open your eyes just yet by  too - the way she brings in her knowledge of Thailand into the fic is delighful - but anyway, this entry is about, well, I'm getting to that.)

2. scioscribe with her/his a pox on all your machines [The one where Q controls the universe with technology and Bond is trying to avoid complications (like falling for the voice in his head)] and five years isn't so long, a realistic portrayal of Bond and Traumatic Brain Injury.

3. Paxlux, with her no gods are present, no wings no halos [“Those who spit at history are doomed to repeat it,” Q says.]

4. 8611, with her Artificial Intelligence!Q in not one will know of the war or cyborg!Q in the body electric.

This is my one-stop-site to 00Q goodness: (Yes, Skyfall fandom is mostly present in AO3 and tumblr. The two platforms I'm not familiar with).

I've only written two stories there so far, Love in Codes in Bondlock verse [Q is Sherlock's and Mycroft's younger brother] and Ghost in the Machine [Q is a persocom]. And I haven't really made any 'break' at all, any piece that gets landed in someone's rec-list.

The thing about Skyfall fandom is...I'm not sure whether the fandom notices (may be it's just me), but it is...a bit exclusive. There are only few authors that get to make any 'break', mostly mentioned above. And yes, I wholeheartedly agree that they are VERY talented, I can attest to that.

But there are brilliant pieces that end up unrecognised. And I get the feeling that the moderators/owners of tumblr sites like qbond and bondlockisgo know the authors often rec-ed quite closely, and the group is quite a close-knit human-relations-based group, which I cannot enter.

Perhaps I am just hurt by this:  AIQ Rec 

Now, I'm not hurt because anyone hurt me. I'm just too sensitive.

I don't write as well as them. No, Sir, the gap is HUGE. But most of the time, I hope I have a chance. In terms of kudos or hits or bookmarks, Ghost in the Machine ('Ghost') isn't that far off, so I do wonder why.

Maybe because I'm a marketer more than I am a writer. The reason I like FFnet, still, is because of the analytics. I can deduce that I would get the most reviews or visits if I upload at a certain timing, if I add certain plot devices to the story, etc. It feels a little empty, yes, like it's not about my talents anymore (or who am I kidding, do I even have that talent).

Most of the time, when I tell a story, I didn't put that much thought into the wordings. I do put some thought, of course, on dialogues and poetic lines and story format, yes, but What I want to tell is the plotline, and 8611 is pure brilliance in her/his use of words to build a setting, something I sorely lack.

Maybe it's because of my anime background. I realise quite a few of Ghost's commenters know Chobits. The people who left kudos at Ghost and at 'the body electric' are different. Strange, I feel, the two stories are about cyborg!Q, who won't the group of readers who like the stories be at least 50% the same? Does this mean that readers who have been in anime-based fandoms are attracted to different things as opposed to readers who primarily stay in TV-shows-based fandoms (which I imagine generally has more Westerners)? Or is this phenomenon because Asians and Westerners are attracted to different things in a fic? Or is it the people attracted to Ghost are generally younger?

I do realise CLAMP has shaped my writing quite a lot, and two of my 'most successful' stories to date are historical-fantasy-AU, so perhaps I am simply out of depth in Skyfall fandom because the setting (espionage, high tech, characters who don't show feelings) is not my strength.

Or may be it's coz I have no talents.

Anyways, time to go back to Accounting Valuations. EPS Calculations and Assets Distortion Adjustments Yay.

[BBC Sherlock/Skyfall Crossover] Love in Codes

A/N: Has Q being BAMF J

Not Brit-picked, I’m sorry L

“Younger brother,” John echoed in disbelief. His expression mirrored what Greg felt.Collapse )


1. Everything from ‘*’ to [1] are borrowed from ‘This is Her Body’ by Chaerring (
2. The line starting from ‘**’ to [2] is borrowed from ‘Family Secret’ by Valeria2067 (
3. Oh, yeah, Q can totally turn his own smartphone to a grenade. Or cause a gas explosion at another part of the factory. Take your pick.

Next chapter should be last. Oh God, first time in ages that I actually finish a multi-chaptered fic? A cause for celebration, really.


[BBC Sherlock/Skyfall Crossover] Love in Codes

Love in Codes, 13-18

Very-long-meta-like-A/N: This story ( ‘Collision’ by ice_evanesco has the MOST plausible back story EVER for ‘How Greg met Sherlock and got Mycroft along with it’. The characterization is SUPERB. The dialogues even more so! The style and the word choice, every time a character speaks, I can exactly imagine him speaking like he’s in the canon BBC series. So precise.

Ok, gushing aside, I have a confession to make, on something a little obvious – I…might have depicted Mycroft as a saint in this story. I love stories where Mycroft has self-image issues and places family as priority. In my head I feel that the primary reason he’s in his current job is he wants the privileges that come with it to keep family safe. Of course, he loves the challenges of the job and the power. A bit like in part 8 of Eccentricities by Osmosis series (warning: it’s Johncroft) by exbex.

Because: 1) there is no fame, his contributions won’t be written in history, 2) the job has safety hazards, 3) he has power, sure, but he cannot abuse it (much. He abuses it mostly for Sherlock), because he has social responsibilities as ‘the government’. I have to admit I struggle with the concept of ‘for queen and country’, because it’s mostly nonexistent where I live. It’s easier to be loyal to a person than to an ideal, and to Mycroft that person is Sherlock.

 So I’ve struggled with understanding why Sherlock and Mycroft ever had a fall out. What happened? Was there a turning point? Or was it gradual? Sure, I understand the gist: Mycroft is an overbearing, controlling older brother and Sherlock could not stand it, but surely he understood it’s all out of love.

Then I read ‘Collision’ and I remember: My Mum. Absolutely the same with Mycroft there in the sense that she tried to limit my freedom, she is a shadow I have to live up to, she always believes she is right, and I had felt suffocated (we love each other but I can’t stand her much when she’s preachy). Sherlock had it worst, because Mycroft meddles absolutely too much. At last, I understand Sherlock.

So in response, I wrote Drabble no. 16. It’s based on ‘Collision’ ( by ice_evanesco. Go read it! It doesn’t have enough kudos and hits it deserves for its sheer brilliance.

Between the blue of copper sulphate crystals against sunlight, and the white of the flame dancing over lead, Percy understood the world as seen from Sherlock’s eyes, and began to love Sherlock too.Collapse )

This should end soon. If Sherlock’s death is not included in the narration.

Also, Curiosity by King_Katherine has become my headcanon.


1. Originally, I included John, but I’m getting really enamoured with the possibility of past James/John, so the ex-lovers will meet another time J
2. Almost the whole thing starting from the ‘*’ is lifted from chapter 4 of ‘Collision’ ( by ice_evanesco 
3. Concept is from Big Brother, Little Brother by White_Noise. I would like to have a try on writing ‘big-brother-warns-younger-brother’s-boyfriend-not-to-hurt-Q’ too.
4. In contrast, why did Mycroft seem like he’s given 007 his blessing already? My theory is this: at this point, Q is already in love with James. Mycroft knows this, had memorised Bond’s entire life, and gone on a mission with him to ascertain his assumptions. His conclusions are that Bond is a good guy deep inside and Bond cares about Q. The most possible way Bond hurts Q is thorugh avoiding Q because he’s scared Q will die because of him (that, and the way Bond recklessly places his life on the line). Well, Q’s job already gives him plenty of danger (Q is more likely to die from enemies kidnapping him for knowledge of MI6 security than from his association with Bond), so Mycroft wants Bond to stop over thinking and just start that frigging relationship with his brother already.


[BBC Sherlock/Skyfall Crossover] Love in Codes

Love in Codes, 8-12

A/N: Seen another take on Q’s name: Quinn, of Irish or Gaelic origin, means ‘counsel’, with connotation of ‘intelligence’. It’s a very appropriate name for Q. But anyways, I'd already settled on Percy.

I rather like this story’s take of Q’s ascent in MI6:, ‘This is Her Body’ by Chaerring (Q is genderqueer in the story). Particularly that Quinn was made Quartermaster only after the explosion in the old MI6 building killed her predecessor.

Q’s demeanor in the movie did indicate he was new and out of depth, boastful (‘I invented it’) as he wanted to seem like he was good for the job, fuming when he was outwitted by Silva, and nervous about not doing things by the book.

Credit: Drabble no. 11 is mostly based on ‘This is Her Body’ by Chaerring, coz it's such a brilliant story. Check it out J

When it was clear that Mycroft was going to make a life out of politics, and Sherlock biological sciences and chemistry, Percy decided to excel in information technology because the three of them could rule the world.Collapse )


1. IRC: Internal Relay Chat, invented in 1988. You need to type commands to chat. Yep, I’m a 80s baby haha.

2. A little collision with the Avengers universe :p. I doubt they will make more appearances, though. I prefer to focus on the six characters only.

3. My headcanon Father Holmes is a Professor, who amassed wealth through staying ahead of the stocks market or consulting businesses (the clean, honest version of Game of Shadows’ Prof Moriarty). In ACD it was implied that Mycroft invented his own role, so Father Holmes couldn’t have been his predecessor.

4. Most of the ideas behind drabble no. 11 were from 

5. He’s the 2nd Q/R, played by John Cleese

6. There is a meta on why the blogger feels that Mycroft is Sherlock’s parental figure ( And I pretty much agree. So I imagined Holmes parents were pretty much absent in their children’s lives. May be Father Holmes died young, while Mummy Holmes was an ambitious career woman who was away most of the time. Or a housewife with mental illness.

Some stories speculated that Father Holmes had an affair and Mummy divorced him. There is also a story where Q is Sherlock’s and Mycroft’s half-brother from that affair (Family Secret, at AO3, by Valeria2067) and though this is more canon-compliant (Sherlock and Mycroft never mentioned about Q in the BBC series because it was a sore point), I want Q to love his brothers and Q does have Sherlock’s appearance and Mycroft’s personality. Anyways, this is my story, I get to decide what’s on it mwahahaha (I do hate straying too much from canon tho).



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